Obtaining a record deal was a dream for many artists. Artists would sign these contracts unlocking all the resources the label had at their disposal. For many years, record labels were the only option for artists who wanted to put their music out into the world. With the many controversial practices surrounding labels, artists sought out alternative routes to putting out music. Luckily, the rise of social media and tech has opened up the field for artists. Artists are now confidently choosing the indie route as opposed to a record label.  

Why did Artists need labels?

Record labels provided all the resources necessary for an artist to create a project; from songwriters, producers, and musicians, to promoters, stylists, managers, and venues. It was a no-brainer for artists to sign these contracts and in return receive all that the labels had to offer. Belonging to a label took away from having to individually seek out and build a team.

The Deals Artists Are Faced With.

Unfortunately, record labels did not always dish out favorable contracts to their artists. Contracts could last for years on end with the artist releasing little to no music. Many Artists have gone into debt– all while they are constantly putting out music and “doing well.” These contracts have been written in a way where artists will see little to no profits from their projects. The majority of these profits will be collected by the label. 

The most important aspect of music for an artist is creative freedom. Artists use their projects to express themselves. Oftentimes, record labels are the ones dictating what an artist sings about, how they present themselves, and who they will market their music to.

The Rise in Social Media and Technology

Social media has become a staple in our daily lives. We are constantly updating our status online; sharing our adventures on Instagram, our thoughts on Twitter and Facebook, and watching entertainment videos on youtube. Social media is proving to be one of the most important tools for artists. Artists can upload their music through apps like YouTube and Soundcloud. Artists can create and foster a relationship with their audience directly on Instagram and Twitter. The virality of TikTok helps artists put their music out there and reach new audiences. Artists can sign up directly to music distributors like CD Baby, TuneCore, Distrokid. These tools help an artist build their own platform on their own terms. But there are still some obstacles indie artists are facing.

The Obstacles that lay ahead

As more artists continue to choose the independent route, they are tasked with being their own manager. Without a record label, indie artists must seek out funding, resources, and connections on their own. Through trial and error, artists have managed to build a team around them. Others still struggle, It is a time-consuming process.

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